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                英白領每天輸10個密碼 設密碼有新招

                2019-05-02 08:50:04

                  Struggling to remember all your computer passwords, PINs and other security codes? You are not alone. In yet another sign of the way in which technology is taking over our lives, it seems that the average Briton has to remember up to ten passwords a day. As a result, research shows, one in three of us resorts to writing down our details to avoid forgetting them completely。


                  And despite the pressure to continually come up with inventive, uncrackable codewords, over half of those polled admitted they use the same password for everything, whether they're keeping an eye on their bank balance or keeping up with friends online. The most difficult details to remember were said to be those for banking websites, with log-in information for online shopping and work accounts also identified as tricky in a survey of 1,000 people by online payments firm Skrill。


                  Most people use easy-to-remember items of personal information such as the name of a pet, an important date or their mother's maiden name when creating a password, but security experts warn these are easy for experienced fraudsters to work out。


                  With the popularity of online shopping so strong it threatens to destroy the High Street, they argue that keeping your personal information secure has become ever more important。

                  此外,網購事業ξ的騰飛也讓那些試圖保護自己的隱私的“小小的願望爆炸聲頓時徹響而起ξ ”變通靈大仙等人看著突然出現得愈發艱難了。

                  In April, Marks & Spencer contacted many of its customers to inform them that details of their email addresses had been stolen, leaving them open to 'phishing' attacks which see criminals attempt to trick people into revealing their bank details. To keep your information secure, experts suggest mixing up the letters of a familiar word with a particular website. For example, if you wanted to use the word 'friend' for the social networking site Facebook, then your password could be 'ffraiceenbdook'。

                  就在四月份,英國瑪莎百貨聯系他︼們的客戶並告知他們的電郵地址可就是全盛時期能已經被黑客襲擊導致泄露,而這些電郵轟隆隆一聲轟鳴地址的泄露可以牽扯他們的銀行個人信息的泄你不會是在玩我吧露,這樣下來後果不堪設想。為了保證自己的個人信息安全,專家建議:“可以將自己想要輸入的單詞→密碼配以需要進入的社交網站名字加以合成,倘若想進入facebook社交網站,需要用friends(密碼),可以把自己的密碼設置成 ffraiceenbdook。”